Sand Painting

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Sand Painting

Sand paintings can be used as a beautiful mirror to see what is going on, to see what is holding you and to give you the ability to shift it.

Sand Painting

A Sand Painting is a beautiful kind of dynamic altar to hold what is happening to and with you. Sand paintings can be used to see what is going on, what is holding you and it gives you the ability to shift. Originally a Sand Painting was a circle drawn in the sand with leaves, twigs, stones, flowers and other natural biodegradable materials representing the situation of the client. When done the Shaman changed, replaced and removed things to create the shift for the client. A sand painting functions on the energetic, down to the mythic, so it can finally be anchored into daily life. Everything you need to you will put into your Sand Painting. When this is done you will leave it to work, or to "cook" like we use to say. This "cooking" can take hours, days or even weeks or longer, but don't worry, you will know when that is. After the "cooking" you will come back and re-look your Sand Painting to see what has changed, to see what needs to be removed, changed or added. Here is where you make your shift, your new map. This beautiful and enchanting piece of work is very suitable for those who need to know more about what holds you and how to shift it so you can do it the next time yourself.