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Sacred Space

Working with Sacred Space is essential for all of us, on a personal level,
but especially for energy workers of all disciplines.

Sacred Space

In this workshop you will start understanding the essence of Sacred Space. Opening Sacred Space is more than just a prayer. In circumstances like; yoga, meditating, during work, in difficult situations, during traveling, or even working as energy healer with clients, it is useful to open Sacred Space. Sacred Space will help you deepen your relationship with yourself, the world around you and the Universe. A safe environment is created to go where you need to go so you can do what you need to do, whatever that may be. You will feel being hold during your tasks, you will sense support of your guides. Sacred Space will also teach you directly and will help you to deepen your knowledge about Life. In this workshop we will work with Sacred Space of the Ecosphere and Scared Space of the Noosphere (your 8th chakra). This workshop is very suitable for those who like to understand more about creating a safe environment and especially for those who offer services as energy healers, masseurs, etcetera of all disciplines.