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Munay Ki Rites





Ceremony has been lost in our culture; ceremony transcends the transitions between the death of the old and the birth of the new. Honoring the past and bringing the best gifts of who you are into the future. There are many ways in which we can honor a transition along our life path, we can use fire ceremonies and Despacho ceremonies, but there are many other ways in which to honor and transcend a change in your life and all transition ceremonies are tailor made to your specifications.

There are many transitions in our lives that we go through, and all can be called upon to celebrate with ceremony; Birth and naming, coming of age, joining/Hand fastening, Elder hood, new home, new business, even death.....

Despacho Ceremony

A Despacho is a living prayer, a blessing, a healing, a thanksgiving; it is performed as a form of Ayni, right relationship with the universe and with Great Spirit.
Ayni brings balance in our lives and creates a relationship between our secular and sacred worlds. The end result is a beautiful mandala which is given to Great Spirit using the medium of fire, water, or even earth. This ceremony is very suitable for by example; wedding, engagement, anniversary, death etc. etc.
Great Death Rites

Servicing someone to die with dignity and grace is a beautiful gift I offer. Holding Sacred Space so they can overlook their life when they need to go, to die peaceful with their eyes closed and their hearts open. The possibility to say what needs to be said en to heal what needs be be healed is not only important for the dying but also for the ones who are left behind. Dying or left behind, to all of you I offer you my services to help the soul to fly back to the warm loving arms of Great Spirit. This process will involve deep luminous cleansing, recapitulation, support for the ones who are left behind, and when the time comes, the Great Death Rites to help the soul to journey back home. Also a Despacho Ceremony will be included to build the Rainbow Bridge, honoring life and helping to heal the grief.
Fire Ceremony

In many traditions and cultures ritual fires are being used to send away "the dark" and to welcome "the light", to say farewell to the old and to welcome the new or in other words; purifying surroundings and their habitants.
We all stay attached to our events and stories which are not serving us anymore. These attachments stops us from receiving new events, from being purified. It is like we keep staying in the old dark and not to be able to walk into the new light.
In Fire Ceremony we will transform "our dark" into "our light". Fire helps us rapidly  combusting what is not serving us anymore. In Fire Ceremony we will say thank you. Thank you for the teachings. Thank you for the lessons we have received. Thank you for the understandings. When these events are not serving us anymore it is time, time to release them and to let go what needs to go.
We will burn a Death Arrow to send "our dark" up to Great Spirit preparing ourselves for something new to happen.
We will burn a "Life Arrow" to open ourselves up, to let Great Spirit know we are ready to receive "our light".
Finally we will step into a new chapter of the book we are writing.
There are many reasons to do a Fire Ceremony. The one mentioned above is just one of them. Often I do Fire Ceremony open to everybody who shows up. If you like to join a fire ceremony or when you like to facilitate one please let me know thru the contact page and I will inform you about the dates, times and places.